Highlights are one of the most classic and popular techniques in hairstyling, even to this day.
It involves applying lighter shades through the hair in what can be either very fine or thicker strips.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, lowlights take strands of hair and apply a darker colour to them, providing more dimensionality to the hair without the damage that can occur with the lightening process.


Babylights are a delicate, dimension adding technique to light-blonde hair. It adds to the ‘icy’ look of cool-tone blondes by using ashy or blue-toned blonde shades to give a natural glow to lighter hair.


Ombre is a lightening technique that was very popular a few years ago, and is characterised by the gradual fade to a lighter colour through the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. This technique can also use vibrant colours to the ends of the hair for a more dramatic look.


Balayage is a French technique and is recognised for the blending of multiple shades to create a seamless gradient effect. It is slightly more intricate than an ombre, but provides a melted look full of highlights and dimension.



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