What is K18:

K18 is a patented brand, whose products are the first to make use of biotech engineering in the hair styling industry. With this technology, the products are able to reverse hair damage from the very deepest layers of every individual hair strand. In salon, the 2-step treatment is used to molecularly repair the hair both before and after a salon service, these steps are;

  • The Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mist
  • The Professional Molecular Repair Hair Mask



K18 is a pioneering hair care company, and is proven through the fact all of their products are Vegan-friendly, Cruelty-free, Colour-safe and Dermatologically tested.

After usage, your hair will feel significantly more lightweight, cleaner and ultimately healthier.


How to use:

The two-step treatment is an in-salon service, consisting of the K18 hair mist, and the K18 hair mask. Clients who choose to opt for this service can then purchase an at-home Leave-in Mask afterwards and continue to use this at home.

For the at home Leave-in Mask, it is best to apply the appropriate amount of the K18 Mask to clean, towel-dried hair (Do not condition your hair beforehand). Then wait 4 minutes for the mask to take effect- Do not rinse. Finally, apply additional products as needed and style as usual.

Use the mask for 6 consecutive washes, and then every 3-4 washes as necessary.